Homeland Goods Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator 3500mg Silver

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The Homeland Goods Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator 3500 mg/h Silver Air Purifier Cleaner Smoke Mold Removal Pro won’t let your lungs be the ONLY air purifier in your home!

This industrial grade ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask bad odors like some air purifiers it DESTROYS odors! Utilizing activated oxygen (O3) technology the Felji air purifier / ozone generator oxidizes and destroys airborne contaminants such as bacteria viruses and odors.

The oxidation process breaks down the molecular structure of bacteria viruses and bad odors thereby neutralizing them. What is left is a fresh clean spring rain smell, similar to the clean air smell after a rain storm (nature’s ozone generator).

Key Features:

  • Powerful low noise level portable light and easy maintenance
  • High-powered oxidation in a compact, rugged and simple design.
  • Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate longer lifespan – Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed
  • Stainless steel Pre-filter to remove large particle – 
  • High quality electronic parts
  • UL listed fan

Powerful Odor Elimination and Deodorizer 

Eliminates virtually ANY mal-odors from mold cigarette/cigar smoke pet odors paint/cleaning fumes dust water damage smoke damage cooking odors and other airborne irritants.

Mold Control and Removal 

Helps to eliminate and retard mold mildew and fungus growth.

Cost and Eco-Friendly Design

Ultra-low energy usage yields cost and energy savings. Industrial grade steel casing will keep this purifier cleaning for years to come.

USA 110V ONLY Model.

Timer Function allows you to control the length of purification time

Operating Instructions:

  • Close all outside doors and windows of the area to be treated.
  • Make sure inside doors such as bathroom and closet doors are open.
  • Make certain all occupants and pets have been removed.
  • Set Timer to desired treatment time and then exit the space during treatment.
  • Upon returning make sure timer dial is in the “Off” position.
  • Allow 1 to 2 hours after treatment before re-occupying the space or open the outside windows and doors upon reentry.

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Weight 20 oz

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Great product

I was quite pleased with the product-it worked as advertised



I have used this ozone

I have used this ozone air cleanser several times to refresh my "cat room"....while the cats are elsewhere, I might add, as the instructions clearly state. This is a 20x30 ft room with large and high floor-to-ceiling windows on three side, it's own baseboard electric heaters, and several large tropical plants. Thus, this is an environment that contributes to mold and mildew production, in addition to cat-box smells, no matter how conscientious we are to keep it free of the cat dander and mold spores to which I am highly allergic. As we live in Wisconsin in a heavily wooded area, we face up to 7 months when the cats and plants cannot go outside and the air filters that kept running in other areas in the house, along with the fan on the central air furnace. With all of this, together with a proscribed antihistamine protocol and annual flu injection, I have now been free of all colds and flu symptoms for three and one half winters, in addition to spring, summer and fall seasonal allergy symptoms!! Your ozone air purifier has added the much needed fresh, clean air to the "cat room" environment that nothing else has been able to accomplish! Thus, those who clean the cat room and supply it with food and water can do so more frequently and more happily than ever before. It has been a very welcome addition to the environment which is our home.

Great addition to our housekeeping supplies

We are very pleased with the Ozone removing the odors in the rooms. Very happy with this purchase!

Ok for mild case

This will work ok for Mild case of smell or if some one had smoked one or two cigarette in your non smoking room. But will not work for moderate or sever case. Will not work if some one smokes half a pack of cigarette in your room or if you have pet stay in room for few days it will not neutralize that order. You will still have to shampoo all carpet, change entire bedding, wipe all FFE with deodorizer so whats the point of spending money for this Ozone Generator ?